Sunday, January 24, 2010


ok now were getting to the fashion. I am loving Diors spring collection of 2009. It's kind of a mix between classy lady and the garden tea party style. I dont know if you know what I mean but yeah.......i love this dress,

Second Post

HEY! im back and so not ready for school tomarrow. totally lame. Well i whent to my sewing class this week and uh i made a really deformed pillow thats supposed to look like a K but it looks like an X which is sad. I can't wait to get to the adult classes to make something thats not a pillow :) that would be TIGHT. anyway..........super bored. ok this blog is totally embarrassing and stupid. OMG i saw a camercial for Wolfman and it looks FREAKY and yeah. i really want to see it. comment away people even if i dont know u. that would just be fab. oh. i'll get on topic now with all the fashion and stuff be patient..........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why did i make this blog?

Yeah, im asking myself the same thing. I just decided to make one like.....5 seconds ago and decided im going to make it about Fashion! yay! I have no idea on what i will be talking about (most of the time) I am really interested on being a designer and im in a sewing class right now. The lady is old, annoying and im getting killed at sewing by 4th graders. Totally embarrassing right? Anywho, we make really lame things in the class like pillow cases and stuff im going to make then throw it away. totally useless. It sucks because i have a ton of ideas but i can't draw at all and its sooooo embarrassing because one day i'll think the drawing is one of my best then the next day i'll look at it and be like "Oh, thats total crap." yeah......really sly of me. This blog is basically for me to learn about the Fashion industry and whats going on in the world. Well, im hoping to get at least one comment this year. yah pitiful i know but at least im trying.